10 Best RPG Games For Android & iOS 2020! [Offline/Online]

In this video, we showcase the best Rpg Games that you should play. If you are an RPG games fan then this video is for you. By watching this video you will know more about available RPG games on the store right now! We played almost 50-60 games to make this list. Maximum games on this list are online so you need an internet connection while playing.

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01) Perfect World Mobile
02) Lumia Saga
03) LEGO® Legacy: Heroes Unboxed
04) Eternal Sword M
05) Eternity Legends
06) LYN: The Lightbringer
07) Trial of Fate
08) Bleach: Immortal Soul
09) ZYCA
10) AnimA ARPG
📢 Note: All the game-play footage on this channel are recorded and Voice-over by Android Tools™️
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📱 Android: Samsung Note 10
📱 iOS: iPhone 11 Pro Max
💻Capture Card: Elgato HD60 Pro

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  • Lol the only good game there was animA

    Nokia June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply
  • https://youtu.be/ILHzy1PHSCQ

    Official Ckie June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply
  • After seeing this video I just remembered I have a crappy phone
    6 gb

    jargozle l June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply
  • If you're not satisfied with this video. Try this https://youtu.be/LS_-H1R_hfM

    Shiv raj Singh June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply
  • Stop talking like a robot. Sarah. Bye.

    Erwin - June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply
  • i want to see this girl

    Vitárius László June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply
  • when you smoke ten blunts then make a video

    The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply
  • i..w all respect towards content creator and time spent in creating vid….
    never heard voice being annoying and sexual in same time……like..chill😂
    no need to put some fake emotions jus be who u are…we re here for vid anyways)
    no harsh feelings…peace

    Gaming Utility June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply
  • These games suck ass

    AsianDogeʕ •ᴥ•ʔ June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply
  • I'm surprised dragon nest didn't reach it.

    ItzYo BoiLance June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply
  • why do i cant find perfect world mobile? huhu help please😭

    Pipe Beth June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply
  • Her laughing when saying about the robot that want to erase humanity from the world map is kinda creepy and cute at the same time.

    bennet benny June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply
  • Anima is the only good game from this list

    san groen June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply
  • Work on ur persona, u sound wack 😂

    Tempo9 June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply
  • If anyone wants a good mobile rpg check out adventure quest 3D. it’s an mmo rpg that isn’t even a tiny bit pay to win. The strongest armor and weapons in the game can easily be obtained by following the storyline and leveling up, then fighting some bosses/running dungeons. There are 11 classes as of right now that each take about 7 days to unlock by doing relatively easy daily quests which in turn give you tokens, which once you have 1000 of, can unlock the token’s class. There is a premium currency, but it’s primary focus is purely cosmetic armor, but you can also buy some minor health potions that are the same as the easy to obtain free health potions except have a stack of 999 instead of 20(it won’t bother you). There are also mounts (travel forms as they’re called in the game) and pets that can be unlocked for free, and the fastest mounts can easily be obtained without paying a single penny. Pets are purely cosmetic, and mounts only increase speed. The game has some pretty humorous and witty dialogue and storyline that makes it an enjoyable game. Oh, and there’s also a “membership” called guardian/dragon guardian, the latter being the more expensive one, that are one time purchases. These account upgrades don’t really give you any advantages, they merely give you a said number of premium currency upon purchasing them and allow you to equip certain pets, travel forms, and low level/cosmetic gear. The account upgrades are really just there to support the game, I wouldn’t buy them for the perks alone, but they do make the game funner. I’ve been playing it for 4 weeks so far and I’ve managed to get to max level which is, as of now, level 30. The game is constantly getting updated with new content and a new level cap every month or so. Oh, and, the community is the best I’ve ever interacted with. Besides the rare bad apple, the game is full of kind people of all race, gender, and age who’ll help you out no matter what level you are.

    TL;DR check out aq3d, micro transactions are merely for cosmetics/supporting the developers, strongest gear is easily available to f2p, paid stuff is weak and or only cosmetic. fun casual mmorpg with a great community.

    PersonOnEarth June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply
  • Anima RPG reminds me of the Diablo 1. ♥️

    Luigi Leomord June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply
  • My expectations might be too high but all these games are ass.

    SnowMan June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply
  • What in the overlykidfriendly HELL… Just that… The games beung released are kindergarten cartoony vomit. Games dont need to look like that to include kids in your marketing

    Frank Brown June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply
  • Gass banyak event dan bisa cari duit di game www.rfbrutal.com

    Riski N Arifin June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply
  • The voice is so full of live and love somehow

    End of Time June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply
  • Whyyyyy does shee talk like thiiiiiiis

    Qhajajs Shsks June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply
  • These arent even decent games

    Meme Miles June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply
  • Valkria aurora!!??

    Txawjhlub Lao June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply
  • Where is undertale?

    Newplayer itshere June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply
  • 20% auto battle mmo

    Sushank Giri June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply
  • Why no one talking about ragnarok?

    Alief Qayyum June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply
  • i think Raid shadow legends is better then first place

    Andrew Tutuila June 21, 2020 3:30 am Reply

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